Voyager Menu

Voyager Menu (S60 5th) 1.51

Make your Symbian act like an iPhone


  • iPhone-like menu system
  • Innovative task manager
  • Icons can be easily moved around


  • Removes some default app icons from the display
  • Menu transitions sometimes stick

Many would argue that the iPhone user interface is much easier to work with that of the Symbian platform.

If you want a more iPhone-like experience on your S60 5th Edition phone then install Voyager Menu. Once installed, the application reconfigures the layout and behavior of your menus. Now you will be able to view pages of icons linking to apps in tasks in the same way as you would on the Apple phone.

To navigate between these pages you simply need to hold the screen and drag it left or right. The page you are on is indicated by a series of dots at the bottom of the screen, just as it is on the iPhone.

Voyager Menu lets you rearrange icons fairly easily. Just hold down the 'vMenu' bar that appears at the top of the screen, then you'll be able to click and drag any icon to wherever you want it. The program even includes a slick task manager that lets you close tasks just by dragging them onto a big red icon.

Of course, Voyager Menu won't make your phone as slick as the iPhone interface, and it does have a couple of flaws. The first is that it messes around with your system's icons, and you'll find that some built-in app icons are missing from the display when Voyager Menu is running. The second problem I had was with some stability issues. At times, the app runs fun and the menu transitions are very smooth, while other times it slows down and becomes very jerky.

Nevertheless, if you want to feel what it's like to use an iPhone, Voyager Menu gives you a good overall simulation.

Voyager Menu


Voyager Menu (S60 5th) 1.51

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